Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Poor Judgement

Yeah, I was struck with weakness and poor judgement last week. My Cyrus has the cutest dimples and can be the sweetest kid. So, when he relentlessly asked for "cute white baby mice with red eyes" I caved. It was part of my whole New Year's being a nicer person thing.

Well, as Alice Cooper said-No More Mr. Nice Guy. I am done. Mice stink. Sorry Ogre, not potty training kid pee in your chair, the stench in the living room in the stench of furry mammals. You can clean that cage out every 3 days, not in front of me, in a sanitary way, and then don't touch me until the outer most layer of epithelial cells fall off, or you bathe in bleach.

On a side note, did you know that Salvador Dali did a hologram portrait thing of Alice Cooper? Weird.

Here's what happened. Not with Alice Cooper and Salvador Dali, but with the whole stinky mouse thing.

Dear Marty,

Thanks for the rodent trick. I did in fact use plastic bags to cover my hands. I was a bit freaked out that they would crawl up my hands and into the bags, so I also taped them shut.

I used the Ogre's favorite stir fry spoon to coerce the mice into their temporary home. I then shut them in, and took the filthy rodent haven into the kitchen. I got rid of the bedding and then put cage and accessories into the sink. After much sanitizing, I put new bedding into the now clean cage.

Now the mice are happily crapping all over everything again.

The reason I didn't get back to you sooner is because I had to sanitize much of my house after the mouse clean up. It was also a bitch getting the home made gloves off.

Would you like two cute white baby mice with red eyes? They are super sweet and easy to take care of.



Carina said...

You're right--that smell has to be the mice. Man, that sucks. Maybe the cat could be encouraged to do his job? I know you think he might not hunt, but given a free meal, he might. ;-)

Holly Bee said...

You're going to get the SPCA on me talking like that!

I treat those stinky mice in a very humane, if at a distance, manner...