Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New York moving to Michigan?

In a previous post, I may have mentioned that my mother in law, (hey Jackie) and New York are moving back to Michigan. Which does sound funny, so maybe some explanation.

Before Harrison, the oldest pig, was born, Marshall said something along the lines of "I don't want to be called grandpa, blah, blah, blah, until the kid is old enough to talk."

Turns out, Harrison didn't start talking until he was 3, and when he did, he didn't do a big Grandpa shout out, oh, no. He called the fool Marshall. Sort of a you get what you wish for.

But the New York thing sort of evolved from that notion. Since the in laws live in upstate New York we always referred to them as Nana in New York, or Papa in New York. But we generally would talk about Nana, and since the boys all think that the women are the owners of all property, including the men that go with them we would often just say Nana in New York.

Now, Nana in New York gets to sounding like Nana N' New York. Now that's getting a nick name. As for Sleepy Poppa, that's another story. As for me, I'm lucky they don't call me Yelling Mama, or Restraining Order Mama. Eh, kids are truthful little...


Carina said...

You can't be Yelling Mama--that's my name. :-)

Anonymous said...

hehehe those fools are buying you guys a house today! lol

Holly Bee said...

They are buying us a house today? Only if we use the power of attorney they granted on Eric and throw them in the looney bin...oops,now the plans out!

Also, Mr. Owen has been pretending to call you and Jill all morning. He keeps talking about you, and Jill, and your kitties, and pizza. All very important things.