Monday, February 26, 2007

The mice are in a better place now...

No, not inside of Pippin's stomach. When I walked into the house with my possibly lice infested children, I braced myself for the stench of mouse urine. I was puzzled, my sinuses were not burning, and a wave of happiness washed over me.

I figured the bad McD's coffee was causing hallucinations. Stranger things have happened.

So, I checked my email and behold! It was no hallucination! The good Ogre helped out his on the brink of insanity wife. Check out the email from the Ogre.

The mice are in a better place now...More specifically, they are in a quarantine cage back at PetCo. I suggest going with something along the lines of: “We had a nice visit with the mice, but now they get to go back and play with their friends. We can visit them, when we stop into the pet store.”

That's the Ogre for you. I told the boys that the mice hitched a ride on an intergalatic space ship and are out cruising the solar system. Hey, we told them that aliens stole their fish. How is this different?

You take your puppy, rabbit, cat, whatever, to the farm. Our pets go to space. Now really, where would you want your pet to be?

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