Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Is Eric Roberts my new Patrick Swayze?

Ok, Eric Roberts was on Heroes, and I am horribly attracted to evil, and bad acting. Darn the curse of Swayze!


Carina said...

He was darn good-looking last night, wasn't he?

Holly Bee said...

Yes, in that whole swarmy, dirty guy way.

I am glad that him being in the Mariah Carey and The Killers videos got him out of creepy B movies and into creepy tv show roles!

Anonymous said...

He is on the L word too. He plays Shane's swarmy dad that can't be monogamous and is in and out of her and her brother's lives.
Just thought I'd mention it. :p
love kat

Anonymous said...

ps swarmy is such a good word I just had to use it again.