Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I actually felt my IQ drop, and I'm Ok with that

I have a DVD player/recorder thing, and I am actually able to record stuff with it. Problem is, I have been working sooo much (4 out of 7 days last week-oh my!). Now the Ogre and I have a slew of shows on DVDs, which leads to a slew of DVDs which are all unlabeled and in various unhelpful areas of the house.

Solution? Valentines Day Digital Video Recorder. Much like the beloved TiVo, but from my local cable provider. Since they already get 1 million dollars a month from me, what's another $10, right? Because the Ogre had to miss his favorite Monday night teley to go to a farmer's cult meeting over near Lansing, the DVR is a happy addition.

So, how did my IQ drop? I cancelled my Kalamazoo Gazette subscription to pay for the DVR.

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