Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Handweavers Inspiring Yarn Shop

Besides the awkward name, Handweavers is a really nice place. We stopped in yesterday to both confirm where they are moving to, and pick up some knitting needles.

As for the moving, it really is in the Oakwood Plaza along with the Oakwood Bistro and Sawall's. The reason my brain couldn't picture this is because they are going to be on the first level, which is actually sort of around the back of the building. The are going to be in the old SPCA spot. I am working under the assumption that the place will not reek of animal pee. But since our livingroom recently housed "stank-a rodents" I know that just removing the peeing party will greatly improve the smell of a place.

Besides, Handweavers has a resident dog, so, whatever. As a side note, the dog at Handweavers is midsize, not barky, seems to be nice, and is kept separate from humans. Which is cool, because I will fake liking dogs in the same manner I fake liking other people's kids. "Oh, what a cute dog/kid, he/she is sooo, just, yeah, cute." This often gets confused with honesty. Here's the honest part, I don't want your kid/dog to get me dirty. Kids and dogs have equal amounts of slobber, barf, snot, and the like. I don't want yours, I have my own. Reminder, Knit with Snot for a reason.

So why should I ever need knitting needles again when I have the wonderful Options set from Knitpicks? Because the stupid sleeves on the stupid Mary Jane Cardigan are done in the round, which is awesome, but the Options needles don't come with a 16" cord because the needles themselves are too long and, and, knitpicks circulars only go to size 3 in 16".

So, that brings me back to Handweavers, getting my money. The inox are fine and all, but they really aren't as pointy as the Knitpicks needles. I have grown to love a certain level of pointiness when working on annoying, larger than necessary lace projects. If this thing doesn't fit, I am donating it to a worthy cause. To save my sanity, and to build good karma.


That stupid dog barked it's head off non stop at me when I stopped in Sept 2008. I can't shop, find peace, or SPEND MONEY when an insane punting size dog is barking at me.

I will not be returning to Handweavers, unless I hear the dog dies.


Anonymous said...

SPCA hasn't been there since I've worked with them so the pee smell should be gone by now. :)
speaking of pee smell - I gotta go to the apt and finish off the last of the cleaning and turn in keys! woohoo!

Holly Bee said...

How long ago did you move? I bet it is stank-a.

Heidi said...

Hi there, my name is Heidi and I found you by searching for Handweavers yarn shop! I was so excited to hear they moved, because I also detest Stitching Memories, and I live near the Kzoo YMCA. I can walk to an LYS, dangerous!!

Do you go to a local knitting group? I do, once a month at the Ravenwood coffee house. It's a very cool group and welcoming of new people for sure.

Well anyway I'll bookmark you. Get in touch if you feel like it! :)