Monday, February 26, 2007

Handweavers Inspiring Yarn Shop

Handweavers is totally moving! I looked up their website to get their phone number to see if they have size 6, 16 inch circulars. Which I have decided I NEED for the sleeves of the Sweet Mary Jane.

A normal person would just look in the phonebook, but I gave our phone book to my Mother In Law, because she and New York are moving back to Michigan and I figured she needed it more than we do. Turns out, once you no longer have a phone book, you want it more.

Anyway, on the home page it says that they will be moving to The Oakwood Plaza in March. I am under the impression that this means the plaza that is home to Oakwood Bistro and Sawall's, which would be totally awesome, but I will have to confirm this. I have been known to get the names and locations of places wrong before.

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