Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Good for knitting, bad for sanity

Well, Kalamazoo County schools are closed, again, today because of Dangerous Wind Chill. I really think it's a horrible social experiment and has nothing to do with the weather. Vote Year Round School!

My really nice mom was like, "bake cookies, that's what I would have done." I, I just can't. Be nice, or bake cookies. If I start cookies, it's not the eating of raw dough that gets me, (eeewwwh, raw eggs, hello salmonella) it's the actual baking. Burn first batch, excellent second batch, consume all of second batch, burn third, quit.

That's a bit like my knitting. Which, because of snow, I have been working on that Beribboned Eyelet baby sweater like a sweatshop knitter. Except I get breaks, and food, and so it's nothing like that.

It should hopefully be done soon, and ready for you to mock, I mean ooh and aah over.


dee's brother said...

Oh stop your complaining. We all know you've locked your kids in a closet...or threw them in the dryer with a brick...and you are knitting one...and drinking two....and so forth!

Holly Bee said...

Actually, they are watching teley, and losing brain cells. I blame Michigan. Snow=lack of education.

No, they are all working on flashcards, and Harry is writting a novel. It's in crayon, but the publisher doesn't seem to mind.

Carina said...

I wish I could get my kids to write novels. *sigh* You have such amazing kids.

I can't wait to see that sweater. It sounds soooo cute! I wonder if I should make one just to have on hand for the next baby to come along. I'll wait to see your pics, first, though.

Holly Bee said...

Having a preknit baby sweater on hand is a wonderful idea!!!

If I ever get caught up on my regular knitting I am totally going to do that!

Ok, by the time I am done with my regular knitting, no one I know will be having kids. I will be well stocked for grandkids. Now, I feel more crazy than normal.