Monday, February 05, 2007

Football and Cinderella's Castle.

Ah, my man Peyton finally has his ring!

Prince put on a stunning half time show. I was personally stunned that the NFL got Prince, and that Prince would still rock it out in the pouring rain. Harrison thought his symbol was very cool, and I had to explain how awesome his purple highness is and always will be.

Speaking of cool, Tony Dungy must meditate constantly to keep that level of serenity and still be a Super Bowl winning NFL coach. The man is amazing. Go Colts!

Now that the Colts have won the Superbowl, I have only one dream spend the night in Cinderella's Castle. This year Disney is giving away Dreams. Really. When we were there in December our whole family got limited edition Mickey Mouse ears. If Cy wasn't taking so long throwing a fit, we also would have got a Dream Fast Pass, which let ride like 8 rides without waiting. Awesome.

So, last time we didn't dream high enough. So I am hoping that we are randomly chosen to stay at the Castle in Cinderella's Suite. Because trust me, it's really sweet.

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