Saturday, February 03, 2007

At least we're not in Grand Rapids

Here are our blizzard plans:

Put on PJ's

Make banana bread



Periodically look at the white out that is my back yard and comment on where vision ends "Hey, I can see the deck," "Oooh, I think I saw the shed," "Christ, is that the dog"

Research mixed drink recipes

eat meat loaf

make mixed drinks

drink mixed drinks
Plan business trip to warm location


Anonymous said...

Holly's to-do-list:
"Research mixed drink recipes"

Will that bottle of 30 year old Caribbean Rum in my trunk freeze solid at zero degrees? I've got that and a couple of knitted foot warmers for ya, just gotta get over to your house.

Holly Bee said...

You know I love the rum, but please don't try to come over today!

Eric says the rum has too high an alcohol content to freeze solid. He also notes that the water in the rum may separate and freeze, but he still thinks there is too much hooch for that to even happen.

Damn, my feet are cold.

Anonymous said...

Carina said...

You did grow up in Michigan, right? Oh, wait, did you grow up skiing? I think that's what made me love snow or gave me brain damage, either way. Dad had me on skis at 4, so I still look forward to snow and more snow.

Scary car thing, though. Very scary. Fire's going in the fireplace, though, and there's yarn. It's good.

Holly Bee said...

Yes, I grew up in Michigan.

No, we were among the people who could not afford to ski.

Skiing does not change the fact that it is -6 right now.

That means, water freezes at 32, so it's 38 degrees lower than what water freezes at. That's like as cold as 70 degrees is hot.

So, skiing does not make -6 any warmer. It makes your skin freeze.

Carina said...

We made do with hand-me-down skis and boots and a family pass at the Lansing ski hill (since closed, sadly). The rush of skiing makes up for the cold. The worst part is sitting on the lift waiting to get to the top of the hill. That's what the warming houses are for, though.

I shoveled enough of our driveway to get my car out today. I about froze my hands (down coat and good scarf kept the rest of me warm), though. It took a bit to warm them back up. Felt good, though.

Holly Bee said...

Ok, but when the weather service advises you to not go outside, I think I am in my right to bitch about it, on my own blog. So stop with your love of snow, and how you are right and I am wrong, because, I know how I feel about winter, and I currently don't give a shit about how you feel.

dee's brother said...

Oh stop your want to talk about cold? You have no idea what cold is....had to travel 2 hours to Daytona beach area for my daughter's gymnastics competition. was very windy and the ocean was very angry looking...and we actually had to put on sweatshirts...cause it was like...only 62 outside. And with that strong ocean felt more like 60 out! Burrr....was that wind chill I felt?

Carina said...

I'm sorry. I really didn't mean to offend you--I was just teasing.

Holly Bee said...

It's cool (get it) I am overly sensitive about weather apparently! Please also take into account that I am evil, and I have been trapped in the house since Saturday, I didn't mean to take it out on the minions.

Dee's brother, mind out o' the gutter, thanks.

dee's brother said...

Mind in the gutter? Never! By the way...with all that alone time you've had...I'm sure your power usage went up...neighbor's lights been flickering? :)