Wednesday, February 28, 2007

7th Annual Stitch-a-thon

The Flying Stitch in Battle Creek is hosting their 7th Annual Stitch-a-thon.

Sunday March 11th 11-5 at The Flyingstitch

They do this every year to raise money to help in the fight against breast cancer. Here's what it says at

"Start getting those donations...collect at least $25 and receive a goodie bag. Come have lunch, cookies, get some stitching done, enjoy the camaraderie and leave feeling good about our dollars making a difference in a cancer patients life."

They are also having a raffle for a lovely cross stitched lap robe. I hear it's lovely, and much better than anything that I would be able to do. Tickets are $2 or 3 for $5. For more info call the shop at 269-963-4225 or email

I'm going to be there! What a draw, right? Sadly, the ladies at Stitching Memories will probably show up just to beat me for calling them mean. Which would in fact prove my point.

But I figure hey, I will donate $30, get to have some fun and work on my stitching. Which will actually be knitting, not cross stitching, but it's still technically making stitches. I don't think I will get booted out of a charity event on a technicality.

Also, if you donate at least $25, and say you heard about the event from Holly Bee at knit with snot, I will donate an extra $5 for each person who does this. Come on, I dare you to do a good deed.

Also, if you want to learn to knit, I will try to trick my bud Carina into coming out too. Carina, answer the snot challenge! Bring money, bring yarn, let's crash this charity event together!

I'll make those peanut butter crusted brownies...

(Also, it's a stitch-a-thon, not thong, which we have determined would not be comfortable.)


Holly Bee said...

I just found out that they are going to have food from Fazoli's, Zucca's, and a bunch of yum desserts!! Oh, and door prizes and stuff too!

Carina said...

Oooh, I am soooo there! When is it? Aw, heck, I'll just call the shop. :-)

Holly Bee said...

It's Sunday March 11th! Doesn't it sound fun :)

I was already told that we would never be booted out! Oh, we can work on that part.