Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You tricky, tricky author

I am sure that when Christopher Moore was thinking of a title for his new book he had this exact incident in mind. He was probably even saying dude, and eating doritos while planning this out.

So I go to the evil corporate book store that is Barnes and Noble. Please note that I only went there because B&N ran the locally owned ones out of town. I wanted to pick up the new Christopher Moore book. Normally the new books are on a big display at the front of the store. Since it's January, and everyone in Michigan needs to exercise, the front table is loaded down with diet, exercise, and corporate take over books.

With my cute, well behaved child in tow, I go up to a nice B&N employee and say "Do you have the new Christopher Moore book-You Suck?" We both just stood there, and then Owen and I walked away.

Because I was sort of half holding Owen's hand, and half chasing him in a circle my question came out more like this "Do you have the new Christopher Moore book? Crazy lady amount of time pause. "YOU SUCK."

Damn you, you clever author guy. You got me on that one. I did not explain to the guy what I was looking for, I just walked away. It was just too funny. I felt so weird. I did find it on my own though. It was over in the crazy lady yelling you suck at employees section. To normal humans, that section is also known as the magazine area.


Carina said...

That is freakin' hilarious!! I can just see it, too. When you get it, can I borrow it? I'll loan you the racy mermaid book.

Oh, and I really wasn't making up the pointy tips and how important that is, was I? I'm such a knitting geek.

dee's brother said...

So, you read racy books and drink in the morning.....Ogre is so lucky! :)

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with the book "In Other News, I can Smell Your Blood When It's Inside You."

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHA....that's great. :)
I love me a little Christopher Moore!

Holly Bee said...

I think that a book titled "Are you stupid?" would also lead to trouble.

I actually have the "I can smell your blood..." book. It's about how when a polar bear catches a whiff of you, they will hunt you down until they find you...anyday Dee, Mr. Polar Bear, at your door.

Anonymous said...

so, you don't know me. I stumbled across your blog while looking for knitting classes in Portage. I've got to tell you I haven't stopped laughing in an hour! The BN incident was hilarious! I go to that BN often, and can just picture that scenario :)