Saturday, January 20, 2007

You Suck-Christopher Moore

Sorry about the title, but if he can trick me, I am going to have to use his own title on him.

So, Mr. C. Moore will be in Michigan. Yes, but apparently the only place hip enough in Michigan, or rather all of the midwest is...Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Thursday, February 15, 200707:00 PM
612 Liberty St Ann Arbor, MI 48104
The photo is what I like to call his serious photo. Check out his website, or the back photo on any of his other books, and see the non-serious photos. I wonder if the photographer told him to pose like Stephen King, or pretend you're a tree. Not that it's a bad photo, it's just weird, the seriousness. I bet there is a story behind that. I wonder if he's going to be on NPR again!?! That's like a nerd dream come true!

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Carina said...

He's hilarious. Maybe we can get the guys to watch the kids for an A-Squared field trip?