Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What evil leads to

Apparently, evil doesn't lead to me because I am usually the said evil.

I thought that since I was working so hard on not freaking out and yelling at people, I would have less adventures and spend more time hanging out listening to enya, doing yoga, and playing tag with bunnies and unicorns.

Turns out, I am so evil that it is going to be a long road to the unicorn playground. Oh, and the road will be lined with the foul stench of rotting build-a-bear customers.

You might be saying "eh?" at this point.

Turns out that the evil line jumping Portage Mom from the Build-a-Bear Workshop fiasco's son is in the same swim class with Cy.

The first 2 weeks I didn't recognize her. I also am pretty used to other Mom's not sitting by or talking to me. But it was weird that the short haired one was pointing, and not in a nice way like 'hey, I have that shirt too,' or 'cool glasses.' No, it was a point of hate.

Which is cool because she would never have a shirt like me because of her general dumpy bad fashion, and I know I have cool glasses. Also, she's the crazy line jumping evil mom from the Build-a-Bear fiasco, and she's lucky I have turned a new leaf and won't be kicking her...wait, feeling anger, must think happy thoughts...bunnies!


Carina said...

She pointed?! Oh yeah, she's nuts. I'm sure the other moms are convinced she's crazy, too.

Keep an eye on your car--she might key it for some crazy reason.

Holly Bee said...

Oh, no. I think she thinks I am the crazy lady!

I was stuttering at her, because I was trying not to point out her stupid to her.

dee's brother said...

I say...snap off the bunny heads....skewer the horse with a horn...and stomp this chick! I know you can unleash the fury! Next time you see her...instead of thinking bunnies...think...this woman would run over Scooby Doo with her car and's up to you...will you save Scooby?

Anonymous said...

Check for hidden cameras in the area, then save Scooby!
Cy could projectile vomit on her and bump her into the deep end. Accidentally...and with no witness around.
Dad of Crazy Lady

Holly Bee said...

I think you guys may officially be my minions. Did I spell that right? Let's go with evil henchmen.

dee's brother said...

You bet we are.....I love wathcing a village burn!