Monday, January 08, 2007

The weird greeting on our answering machine

If you happened to call our house sometime after 9 am today, you may have heard a bit of a weird message. It's me saying sorry for yelling at our school districts bus coordinator. Yes, New Year's Resolutions down the crapper. But how can I tazer someone over the phone?

Anyway, the story goes like this...

Harry leaves house for bus stop at 8:25. Bus should arrive between 8:30-8:35. School starts at 8:50. At 8:48 the neighbor tells me she can take Harry to school with her kids. Other Mom's take their kids to school. At 8:50 I yell at the transportation lady, and stupidly leave my real name and number.

I then load up all 3 boys, and take Harry up to school. I pass the bus on the way. I get Harry in school at 9:00, the bus arrived at 9:10.

You may so "oh, whatever, Holly is crazy and mean, what's new?" Well, it's a complete pain in the butt to not be able to depend on the stupid bus. If I had been planning on taking Harry, I would have had the other kids ready. Also, it's freaking cold out and Harry was waiting a very long time for my beloved public transportation.

Blah, blah, bad weather, the kids' safety. If the weather was so bad, cancel school.

Then, I went to the YMCA, desperate to unload the 2 little boys onto someone else so I could exercise, or at least work out some aggression. Sadly, the Tot Spot was full to capacity. Instead of yelling, I dragged the boys back outside, sat in the car and cried. Yes friends, I cried. For like 10 minutes.

Solution? Drop Cy off super early for preschool, go shopping.

Also Dear, Sweet Ogre, don't expect a wonderful crock pot dinner tonight, we're having sandwiches. The whole bus/school/yelling/crying thing took the time I was going to use to get the crock going.


Carina said...

We all need a good cry from time to time. Today was just your day to do it. I'd give you a big hug if I could.

What was up with the bus, anyway? Did they ever tell you? Was it really the snow? It's not like we don't have snow and have drivers used to snow. That was too long to make a kid wait in the cold.

If we still lived in K'Zoo, you could've dropped your kids off for a break. Still is an option, if you need it tomorrow. Stephen has tumbling at 10, but we'll be home after that.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks for all the love and support.

The bus driver is new. Makes me feel better/worse.

I hopefully have a yoga class today. I actually do have a yoga class, but hopefully there is room in the Totspot! It's like a weird dance club for kids, waiting list and all.

Holly Bee said...

I totally got to go to Yoga today! Very fun!

The little pigs also had fun at the not so busy on Tuesday's Totspot.