Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sweet, Sweet Mary Jane...Cardigan, Cardigan

I have been working on the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan from Knit Picks for so long, that the pattern is no longer available. Do a search for it, you'll just find a bunch of sad knit bloggers saying they wished they had this sweet pattern.
Yeah, so it proves that I am not so quick with the lace knitting. You knit with skinny dark yarn with three boogery kids sporadically jumping on you.

In theory I put the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan down because the needles I had weren't pointy enough. Turns out, it was true! I am having a much nicer time knitting, even with the booger kids, now that I have the Knit Picks Options needle set. Very pointy tips. I thought Carina was just making up the relative pointyness of knitting needles, turns out, it's a real thing.
What's the real reason I have started up on this again? Eric and I are going on an, er, buisness trip to the Orlando area this spring, and I would like to cover up my less than Sara Connor Terminator 2 arms. I have also taken up yoga in the hope that I will find inner strength and not worry about arm flab so much. I think knitting should also help tone flab. We shall see.

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