Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Snot knits this year

Look at all the knits, ignore all the snot! Knit with snot! Yes, sir, we have been busy with the snot and yarn this year!
The scarf is the one from PK, knit by me.
The bag is the noro bag.
Yes, I realize both pictures are sideways. Yes, I also know there is a quick and easy way to fix this. For the record, I just don't care.
Oh, I also knit the Mega Mitten, but I have no photographic proof. It's like big foot, yetis and ogres. You know they exist, but no one else will believe you.


Anonymous said...

muhahaha! I do have a pic, but it is currently trapped on my very full camera. I need to find the cord, I think it's still at the apt!
And for the record, I love that purse. so cute.
love love

Holly Bee said...


If you would like to own said purse, I have a deal for you.

You babysit the pigs, you get time spent with pigs, purse made with a crazy amount of expensive yarn, and two, yes, there still are two, pints of American Pie Ben and Jerry's icecream...

Please, please let me know when you are available.

Anonymous said...

You got ice cream?!!!!

Nice colors on the noro bag.

Love Ya!

Holly Bee said...

Yes, I have Kat's "feel better" ice cream. It's a limited edition Ben and Jerry's flavor, and I have been black mailing her with it.

Problem is, it's driving me crazy. I don't even like that flavor that well (what, no chocolate), it's no Neapolitan Dynamite. But it's the goodness that is Ben and Jerry's icecream, tempting me!

Why the hell don't we live in Vermont?