Friday, January 26, 2007

Christopher Moore's New BFF!

OMFG!! Check out the comments on my OMG!! Christopher Moore is my FAE!! post! That really was a comment from my FAE!! He totally says we can be BFF's!

I will never wash this computer screen. Ok, that's a given, but you get the gist!

On a side note, he probably thinks I am mental. But he did write Practical Demon Keeping, so maybe that's a given.

Just go read all his darn books and tell me if you can decide which is your favorite.

I really think he needs to write about Ogres next. I have some great info for him. He could stop by for dinner and talk with my Ogre. Research. Re-search.

There doing some sort of RE-Search!!! Ok, name that really bad Hugh Grant movie. You know you've seen it.


Carina said...


That is even better than the time the Poet Laureate in 1998, Robert Pinsky, brushed against my arm in a hotel line. I'm super-impressed!

Anonymous said...

my heart is all a-flutter!
I love you too Christopher!!!!! hehehe
um, can we be like the Three Amigos?? I'll even wear a sombrero!

no? really? well. okay.
sigh, I'll just settle with him being my Holly's BFF. :) (That's right, MY Holly lol)
love you guys!

Holly Bee said...

Ah, thank you, thank you!

I feel so happy. As for the sombrero, woohoo, I think we should get them!

You my Kat.