Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Mazda 5 saves the family

Ok, maybe the Mazda didn't exactly save the whole family, but it did at least keep it's self in the shape it's currently in. What?

After Harry's swim class the other night, I thought it would be better to take the highway home so as to avoid deer. Well, the deer were stalking that night and found us on the highway. It was snowing, and possibly slick so the whole slamming on brakes thing was sort of if-y.

Oh, I don't swerve for animals either. Yep, horrible leather shoe wearing fish eating pseudo vegetarian that I am, I'll kill that critter rather than hit a car or a tree.

But the deer kinda freaked me out. The Mazda5 is not a big vehicle. I mean sure, I'd hit a full grown brain hungry zombie, but a deer? It might smash through my little window and get deer fur all over, and then I'd have to get a new car. I am not inhaling deer fur, deer are nasty, they may have TB, or carry the Black Death. Really, you take a couple micro or infectious disease classes and see how you feel about wildlife.

Anyway, what saved the fam? The Mazda5's sad, quiet, squeeky horn. I honked and I think the deer was actually offended.

Here are the deer's thoughts "oh, gee, am I in the road again?"
"my, was that the horn on that thing? It won't even kill me. I'll have to wait for a full sized mini van to finish me off. I think I'll saunter across the road. I wish I had a jaunty beret."


Anonymous said...

Good thing it wasn't some big ass sneaky bird or it would'a hit ya right in the windshield!

Anonymous said...

Your horn said "excuse me Mister Deer, would you please move out of my way?" instead of "move yer a$$ deer!"

It's a good thing the deer appreciated the politeness of your car. :)


Holly Bee said...

Yes, my car is such a gentleman.