Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Knitting, really

I went to a scrapbooking party on Saturday. Shut up, I am preserving memories, like that photo of Owen with the snot nose preserved forever. Forever!

Anyway, we are meeting again on February 17th, and it's going to be a dual purpose baby shower and scrapbooking event. Yes, event. It's for my friend Sarah, who I met on the first day of 1st grade. I believe I said to her "that is so my dress." She was wearing this sweet Strawberry Shortcake dress, apron and all. So we were friends from then on...well until I decided to be evil in high school and stop talking to her.

Anyway, I'm evil. But we hang out now and I missed out on her wedding, and first kid being born. My replacement, Erika, is super nice, and a better friend than me, but hey, that's the price I pay for being evil. But as we know, evil does have it's perks, so I am over the jealous.

This really does lead to knitting.

Now, to make up for the past, and show that I am super awesome, I am getting Sarah a gift certificate for a pedicure, ordering a Boonzaaijer cake, and knitting her baby a sweater. See, knit sweater.

That's why I haven't been able to be crazy, mean or read lately. I have been knitting like a fiend.

Speaking of fiends, I was lying about the not reading. I just reread Bloodsucking Fiends. Yep, I bought another copy. I think I have actually bought that book 4 times now. So, I owe the world at large a bookcrossing copy.

Back to the baby sweater. It's the Beribboned Eyelets sweater by Rowena Hill. It's in kids kids kids- a book by the knitters magazine people. They have it at Amazon. But I got mine from the nice people at Handweavers Inspiring Yarn Shop . I was actually tricked into buying the book because of the Beribboned Eyelets sweater they had as a demo in the shop. The photo in the book isn't that great, but the yarn they used for the one in Handweavers made it look soooo cute.

I hope I am not too evil to finish this sweater. The yarn I am using looks just like the Anniversary Cake icecream available from The House of Flavors in Ludington, Michigan. Really. I couldn't figure out why I liked the yarn so much until thought, "wow, I bet this yarn tastes good." Yeah, I really like that icecream. It's yellow cake flavored icecream with bits of frosting mixed in. The icecream is the best, the yarn tastes a bit, squeeky.


Carina said...

We always went to the one in Pentwater. Gooooood ice cream. :-)

Finishing the baby sweater is evil? How is that evil? I must be thinking of a different definition of the word.

Btw, did you guys get buried over there? It was "interesting" driving on 131 home from class last night.

Holly Bee said...

No, the knitting is awesome, not evil. But I have to do it to make up for all the evil.

As for snow, we laugh at snow, because we have gone crazy from snow.

Did you know they don't like to plow Portage road past a certain point? Yeah, North Carolina is looking better, and better.