Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Knitting Outline

Ok, I have come to realize that I have waaay too much yarn. Buddy Carina has been known to auction off her over stock of knit items and then donate the proceeds to charity. That just seems like too much work for me, and it works against the whole being evil thing.

So, I have at least come up with a plan.

1. Donate yucky old acrylic yarn to the Senior Center in Kzoo. Ha, sounds like charity, but it's really evil to stick those old people with such crap yarn.

2. Finish baby sweater. Must complete by Feb 17th.

3. Finish Sweet Mary Jane knit picks cardigan. Must complete by June 21.

4. Finish Dread Pirate Sam as a one armed pirate. This seems reasonable. He's a pirate, pirates don't always have arms. No, Capt Jack isn't missing an arm (that we know of) but he's more of a guidline.

4. Gather up all the yarn that is secretly hidden (is it really a secret hiding spot if it's in the aluminum foil drawer?) and relocate to one area.

5. Make 4' x 4' gauge swatches of all the beautiful yarn that I have purchased and hidden, keep track of info that swatches give me. Yes, gauge swatches are sort of like ouiji boards.


dee's brother said...

...The city is restless as the shadow of doom approaches...."OH KNOW" in the can't for your's.....Evil yarn girl!

Carina said...

Man, those would be freakin' huge swatches. ;-)

I know knitters who just use those three-ring binder sleeves for their swatches, often taping them first to a sheet of paper with all the info or at least the ball band taped on it and how many skeins they have. I've considered doing that, but it seems like too much work.

Holly Bee said...

Oh, those yarns will never be swatched! It's just in my nature to be evil and plan organization projects that never evolve.