Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Ok, it's January 3rd, I haven't left the house since last year, and I have completed 2, count'em 2, knitting projects. Yes, the Mega Mitten, which doubles as a bag. A sassy bag actually, and a very cutie purse from the book Noro Revisited by Corneila Tuttle Hamilton. Wow, quite the name, eh?

Now, Jilly Bean, if the Mega Mitten is too small to cover your poor frozen fingers, take heart in global warming. No, really, I can make you another one that works better. I liked the crazy yarn and well, there just wasn't enough for a Mondo Mega Mitten. I am also going to need a photo of your mittened mega hand for my knitting scrapbook, because...

As part of my New Year's Resolutions I am going to...

1. Be a better prepared, nicer Mom. Yep, all candy and mud for the pigs. They love it, and it's working great so far.

2. Take photos of completed knitting projects and post for all to enjoy. Actually the photos are going to be a record of where all my money goes.

3. Stop yelling at random strangers. I'm going to tazer them instead.

4. I plan to stop drinking too much and making an ass of myself.

5. Try to live more like Einstein, and Ghandi, and Buddha. But pork is so tastey.

Really #4 is a total lie, I love making a drunken ass of myself.

As a side note, Fergie and Co. have fine spelling skillz. Check it out...

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Anonymous said...

lol Jill and I always laugh at their fine spelling skills hehehe
We have already taken a pic of her wearing the megamitten - she was SO happy about it. She loves it even. I will try to post it or email it to you soon!