Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fixing the Mazda5

I am finally taking the Mazda in to get the tail light fixed. I got the part just before the Holidays, and in theory I was going to install it. But the girl at the Mazda place said they could install it for me, so I figure they are probably going to be able to do it quicker than I am.

The Ogre has his doubts that they will install it. It has one bracket broken. But the other 5 are in great shape. I'm sure it will hold! Really, the 6th bracket just seems like 1 too many anyway.

I really should take a photo of the current tail light to warn people about the dangers of backing up too near to garbage cans.

I am also getting a door latch recall fixed. So it's just me and Booger out on the town. Ah, ha! I told Dad I would buy him lunch, so he's meeting us. Little does he know, the lunch is free, but our company is painful, and boogery.

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