Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fixed, Broken, and Swearing

Ah, my cute little Ogre-mobile now has matching (and not both broken) tail lights. The ever swanky Orrin B. Hayes in downtown Kalamazoo fixed my lowly Mazda5. It's such a weird mix of cars. They have Mazda, Jeep and Mercedes. Anyway, that's the fixed part of the story.

While my car was being fixed, Owen and I met up with Marty and Alice. Since we were so close to Olde Peninsula, and we hadn't celebrated any winter holidays together, we stopped in for a beer. I swear, it was after 11am when I ordered a pint o' the Black Razz. Try it, it's wonderful. Again, that Vanilla Stout would mix nicely with the Razzberry.

Now broken. For the low, low price of $46 dollars the people at Orrin B. Hayes installed my $80 tail light, and fixed the recalled latch. But they also managed to break the lock. But, according to my math, I am still winning. They were going to charge me $523 to fix my tail light, remember, that's why I ended up with a part time job at Eddie Bauer. But I am like $397 up, even with the broken lock, and they have to fix that.

But, I guess I should subtract out the money I spend at Olde Peninsula. By the end of all this, ah hem, fixing, I may be about even.

As for the swearing. I was so excited that the only charged me $46 to put in the tail light, I really wasn't too angry about them breaking the locks. That was until I saw my car. They didn't wash it (which they do sometimes-I think breaking my car qualifies as a "dude, we should totally wash her car) and all my car seats were flipped up side down.

If you have ever installed a carseat, or watched while someone else does, you know it's a pain in the ass. I even have a super easy, very highly rated, and I hear comfy Britax carseat. So it really is easy to properly install. But really, you do not touch another person's car seats.

So if you were driving by the parking lot of the swanky car dealership around 220 this afternoon
and you saw a couple, a kid in a stroller and a lady waving her hands around, that was me. I was in fact swearing.


Anonymous said...

Holly hedges:

"I swear, it was after 11am when I ordered a pint o' the Black Razz."

Yeah Sweetie, it was 11:01 am, and it was evening SOMEWHERE in the world...
That was fun having beer at lunch.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks Dad! I had fun too! I always enjoy drinking beer at lunch. It's the ordering of the first one I usually feel guilty about.