Friday, January 12, 2007

Electric Fireplace

I wanted to sell our house. Why? Well, it turns out I really like to move. But the Ogre, as with many Ogres, does not like change, does not like to get rid of unused belongings, and has that whole practical side to him.

So when asked what it was about our house that was making me want to move, I made up a list of things we need to make this house as good as moving.

Garbage Disposal (bad reason to move, easy to install, by trained professionals)

Dining room addition or 3 seasons room. I would like a dining room, but I really just want the 3 seasons room.

And finally an electric fireplace. No, really a finished basement where the boys can go with their toys, and friends, and then a finished spare bedroom, guest room thing.

The fireplace was mentioned to the Ogre at lunch by Dee herself. We happened to drop into Lowes after a stop at Olde Peninsula (I broke my beer glass at home and had to get it replaced. Try the Vanilla Stout, it's smooth.)

Anyway, magically, electric fireplaces were on clearance. Oddly, when it's 40 degrees in January in Michigan, winter supplies don't seem to sell. Odd. Because our basement is stocked with canned food, blankets, spare heaters, and anti neighbor devices in case those fools think we will share our emergency blizzard supplies with them. Stupid grasshoppers.


dee's brother said...

Would you actually use the fireplace for heat...or looks? I owned a very nice electric was great for "looks" but not good at heating...unless of course you don't mind your electric meter running like crazy! If you have natural gas or propane I believe you can buy gas fireplaces...much more efficient. Just my two cents....for what it is worth. However, we have moved 3 times in the last 30 months...I'm with you...I prefer to move around!

Holly Bee said...

Oh, the fireplace is for looks. It currently looks great in the box in the basement.

We have a gas fireplace upstairs, and we have the time it takes to finish the basement to decide if we want to run the gas to the basement one too. Which I think is a totally rocker idea.

Carina said...

Ooh, two fireplaces. That's decadent. :-)

Of course, that's what I grew up with at both houses, but they were considered life-saving devices, considering how often we lost power in winter.

Me, I would've bought a Franklin stove that ran on corn. That way, I can cook pretty decently when the power goes out. I was always jealous of our neighbors that had one.

Anonymous said...

A three seasons room to enjoy the cold, wet, and shitty seasons.

Holly Bee said...

Yes, to enjoy the cold, crappy freezing rain. Shut up, it's the best I've got.