Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back to the knitting!

Ok, this is knit with snot for you, and I have been a bit off track. I mean really, football, bookcrossing (you should really liberate those books), Christopher Moore, reading in general.

I have decided what I need to do! Books on Cd. I will get them, load them on the ipod shuffle that the Ogre should totally order for me today, with the gift card, the one that's in his wallet.

That way I can continue on my mediocre knitting, and still laugh until I snort beverages out my snout. Yep, beverage out nose is a good thing. Laughing is healthy and good for you. If I were a doctor I would prescribe these three things...

1. Knitting-to relax you.

2. Yoga-to relax and stretch you.

3. The complete works of Christopher Moore-to make you laugh out loud and expand your vocabulary.

Oh, wait, if one is to believe in heaven, it may smell like freshly made Krispy Kreme donuts and the way there is through a heart attack induced by donut consumption. So then add beer to counter act the artery clogging and you may find the perfect balance to life.

I may need to be a New Age Doctor.


Carina said...

Um . . . So, what are you knitting?

Holly Bee said...

Oh, yeah, between the Krispy Kremes and the reading, I am still working on the Sweet Mary Jane!

I have started on the left front. So right now, it looks like a wide scarf with a messed up side scarf.

Carina said...

I can't wait to see it when it's done. It's a pretty pattern.

That Street Smart Patons book can be ordered through the Quiltery (she was in a good mood today and even showed me a new lace book--which I bought). She said it'll be about a month, considering she just got an order from that supplier, but if you want one, I'll add one to my order.

Holly Bee said...

No thanks on the pattern book. I am in enough knitting trouble right now. Thanks though!

I did pick the bag up from your porch! Thank you so much. I can't wait to start the mermaid book, and not knit :)