Monday, December 18, 2006

You want Disney Tips?

Here are a few things that we learned while at Disney...

4 year old boys can barf over 6 feet, on a bus, onto British tourists...and still go have fun at Animal Kingdom!

If you forget your diaper bag and go to MGM and your youngest child has diarrhea and says "oh, my legs are wet" you need to throw away his shoes...and socks, lose the shorts too.

Then be happy that middle kid likes to wear a tink top (tank top) under t shirts. Steal middle kid's top shirt give to youngest, enjoy the rest of the night...with your mostly nakee kid, people won't stare, their kids are covered in dump too.

There are a lot of bushes at the Polynesian Resort. DO NOT GO INTO THEM! They make a great place to barf. Trust me, ask Cy, great places to barf.

We really did have fun though. More adventures to follow...


Anonymous said...

don't we get a christmas post? i got all swaddled up. i wrote a little about it under my pen name Alicia Bruxvoort.

Holly Bee said...

I don't know. A christmas post just doesn't seem fitting.

How about something in regards to all the traffic and weird music this time of year?