Tuesday, December 05, 2006

You can add Ear Infection to the list

Owen is full of snot. Yes, I do want to post another snot photo of him, but I am trying to be nice.

Owee has tonsilitis, a sinus infection, and now...an ear infection! At least he's not a whiner. He has been sick since like September, and he's just his normal little guy. Unless of course he really is always sick, and this is just his baseline. Whatever, if he's not better in 2 weeks, he goes to a specialist.

So I have been dragging this poor kid around all day, and he is beat down tired and sick as all get out. Hopefully he left some of his cooties at the UPS store. It was totally not busy in there and the ding dong behind the counter rang me up and then tried to keep my credit card. I'm distracted, not stupid.

I said, "You didn't give me my card back." He replied "Yes I did." Since I am a complete pain in the hienie, I just went with the, "will you double check." He then told me that I should double check. It was real close to turning into a "no-you" kind of fight when I finally said "Give me my card back before I START TO FLIP OUT!"

He quickly found it on the counter, under his hand. Crazy is again, sometimes very helpful.

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Carina said...

I'll bet that ploy works with some of his customers. You should report him to the manager.