Monday, December 18, 2006

Yes, I am this lazy

If you think you are getting a Holiday Card from us, don't read this. Or, if you get one, and you didn't get a Family Update in yours, here it is...I am saving paper, and trees, and my brain.

Special events in our family’s life:

We’re going to Disney!

We are staying at the Polynesian for a very Hula Holiday!

We may be there as you read this!!

Individual Highlights:
Harry-Still loves Anna
Cyrus-Has 3 girlfriends
Owen-No ladies yet
Eric-Still tall!
Holly-Still knitting

Here it is friends, the Family Holiday Update. Having the three boys keeps things very interesting, and dirty. 2006 started out with a BANG! Actually it was more of a crash. You see, the beloved mini van slid off the road and into a corn field. This was on the wayto breakfast on New Year’s Day. The boys loved it, and we had a lovely breakfast. Plus, it was really a memorable way to start the New Year.

Let’s see, we had to get a new car, no, not because of the corn field incident. We ended up getting a Mazda5. It’s very cute.

We went to Ludington and stayed in a Mini Cabin in May. It rained the whole weekend, but the kids loved it. Well, except for the part where Owen fell in the lake. He was not happy with that. It didn’t help that I stood there thinking “gee, a kid really could drown in 1 inch of water.” He’s fine. He fell in that lake a baby, and came out a big boy.

Cyrus has decided that he is both stronger and bigger than Harrison. He will also tell you he is 5 and in Kindergarten. He really is only 4, and is going to the same Preschool Harry did. He has two girlfriends there, Lillian and Brooke. They are the three biggest kids in his class. I would also say the dirtiest.

As for Harrison, he is still smitten with Anna. He won’t even consider seeing other people. As for school, Harry is the top reader in his class and is currently working on a novel.
Eric is as grumpy as ever, still works at Pfizer, and occasionally drives a cute car. He made pirate Halloween costumes for all three boys this year, and he went as an Ogre.
I started many things this year. I took some college classes, transferred to WMU, started bicycling, joined the YMCA (they have free child care), and I still managed to keep up the knitting. Oh, and for Halloween, I went as a Housewife.

Happy Holidays!
With Love,
Holly, Eric, Harrison, Cyrus & Owen

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