Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yes, I am close to Flipping Out

Wow, 3 pigs, an Ogre and a barfer on a plane. Nice. I realize for those of you that like to hear about me, or the pigs flipping out and causing general chaos, that it's been a slow time of year for destruction. Give me a week, there are bound to be some great stories on the way.

As for now, I am think I am going to figure out how to write posts and then post them daily while I am gone. That seems like a lot of high tech figuring on my part, so forget I ever said that.

Fluffy sweater update. Done, done, done. It has a few minor flaws, but he's a stuffed bunny, I don't think tight sleeves are his biggest concern. I'm going to go with snot, and getting peed on as his main worries.

So the book Knitting from the Top by Barbara Walker, is really, really good. But, it's a bit chatty for my liking. You'd think I'd love it. It's all random, and 'wait, pause let's think about how you are going to do your sleeves.' That's really not my style. But I also hate the whole, get your gauge, plug in your numbers, here's your pattern things that are available.

But it works, I love Fluffy's sweater, and when I make a human's sweater, I will know to...keep knitting even though the sleeves seem like they will be good enough. I will also pay attention when picking up under arm sleeve stitches so that the seam is actually on the inside. Damn you, rum drinks and sailors. Like I said, it's for a bunny, a stuffed bunny who has greater concerns.


Holly Bee said...

Ok, i totally have a sweet photo of Harry and Fluffy, but the Beta Blogger Bastards said "sorry, but we were unable to complete your request," when I tried to post it!

Carina said...

It's up now. It's cute!