Friday, December 08, 2006

See you in Hell, Snow!

Ok, we aren't technically going to Hell, Michigan, but I just couldn't resist.

I am actually farther away from a knitting project for the plane than I was. The socks that I said I was planning on taking, well, I tore them out instead. Why? One sock was all done (except for the toe), I just couldn't stand looking at the darn thing.

Here's why. On my last flight, I worked on that sock. I was so sick on the plane-green face, too hot, squirming in seat, people actually let Carina and I off the plane first because they were afraid of getting barfed on.

Barfing in the airport bathroom, and then some guy collapsed with a possible heart attack in the lobby. Even green faced and pukey I was grumpy enough to yell at the girl at the information desk-"Call EMS! That guy's having a heart attack." The info desk chick was like "I don't know what number to call." Helpful me of course responded, "it's 911-call for some help."

See, planes, barfing, 911, that was just the beginning! Then I had a migraine all weekend, and, and, Carina's evil kidney growth was giving her trouble even though she didn't know it was an evil kidney growth yet.

So, those socks are just something I don't want in my carry on. I may even unload the yarn on to some sorry sap and see if the bad luck continues on them.

Actually, that yarn really does have a bad history. I got it from the lady at The Quiltery in Battle Creek. What, you didn't know she had yarn? Yep, and she's grumpy. So great place to shop, right?

Orginally, I bought 2 skeins. Then one became mystically lost. There is even a $5 reward to the kid who finds it. I had to go back to The Quiltery, and give the grumpy lady more of my money, then the whole travel incident happened. So, yeah, I think I will be getting rid of that yarn.

Hey, Matt! You want some yarn? I swear it's not cursed.

Speaking of totally not grumpy, and happy and nice all found in Battle Creek...check out The Flying Stitch! They don't carry yarn, but they have the best staff, and more cross stitch stuff than I have ever seen in one place. I get around, so that's saying something. The owner has also started offering classes for Needle Punch Embroidery. Which, by the way, is super cute.


Carina said...

Time for a yarn shop trip, then! I want to go, but I have to stay in my comfy chair, sick girl that I am. That Koigu is nice stuff to knit with. Mmmmmmm. Cherry Tree Hill and that handpainted stuff Mary has are all the same yarn. They have it in Marshall, too.

Tracey said...

You always make me giggle when I read this thing! Glad to see you guys are doin' well! We're late with the cards too...look us up next time in Indy -- I promise to find some fun yarn stores for you!! T

carter said...


Carina said...

We miss you. Come home from that over-warm, hospital-poor state. :-)

Anonymous said...

got the postcard! Hoopla! But really, we do miss you terribly! Come home! :)