Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I knit on my own scarf

The boys were going insane with all the Aunties and Uncles on the 24th, and I needed some knitting. But of course, I am not organized or have the ability to think things through, so here's what happened.

I had the scarf for Jill to work on and finish. I even brought it over to PK's, but I forgot something important at home. No, not one of the kids. So, Eric went back to our house right after we got to PK's. I left my knitting in the car, and needed something to work on. Mom had some pretty orange mohair and she said "why don't you work on that scarf."

Turns out the scarf is for me, and I knit much tighter than my mom does. But it's still pretty.

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Carina said...

Seriously? That's funny! :-) Only your mom would have the moxie to make you knit on your own present. *giggle*