Saturday, December 02, 2006

I can hear the clocks again

Well, it's quiet here, I know my clocks are working, I can hear them!

PK has Booger Baby, and the Ogre took the big boys out for a "boy day." They are going to get haircuts, go to the Disney Store, and then Build a Bear. Just call me jealous!

But I am going to spread cheer to the soulless masses who find fulfillment through consumerism. That's right, I'm working today. I almost have enough $ saved up to fix my stinking Mazda 5. I couldn't get the Ford Focus, I had to have the Mazda because no one has one. Which in turn leads to the parts for the Mazda to be crazy expensive, thus the job.

Hey, everyone is getting much nicer gifts this year than they normally would, and at a fraction of the cost.

Ah, speaking of cost. The cost of belonging to the Grange, may be my sanity. Because of the stupid media and the winter storm warnings, I was entirely stressed about the Ogre driving the pigs to the Creek for the Grange Swiss Steak Supper. Which turned out fine, because the roads were fine. But I worried a lot. So, all that worry and the Supper was cancelled due to power outage!

Since all three pigs were at PK's with the promise of pizza for dinner, the Ogre visited with his Great Aunt Mart. Yep, hanging out with Grangers by the candle light. I set you up, feel free to make up your own farming joke.

After the visit he went to the mall. Mall means consumerism and fullfillment for the soulless. Ogres don't have souls...maybe I should search the empty house for Holly Holiday Gifts. Maybe I should stop being greedy and get something for the Ogre. Eh, the house is empty, it's like an invitation...

Ok, to make up for my greed, here is a link to (RED) which is consumerism (your gonna buy crap anyway) for a good cause. Check it out. You'll be a better person for it.


Anonymous said...

if you eat swiss steak and pet a beagle in the same day, you are granted the power of invisibility. if you eat swiss steak and pet a can of soup, you vomit.

if you add mayonnaise to turkey and stir it up, you have turkey salad. Never look it in the eye. Turkey salad has one thousand eyes. looking at you.

Holly Bee said...

Man, it's like you can read my mind! Pet a swiss steak and eat a beagle you are granted the power of levitation.