Thursday, December 07, 2006

Getting Ready!! Plus an Eddie Bauer Surprise...

I still haven't decided what to bring for on board knitting entertainment. I realize that I have the 3 kids to keep me busy, and there is that whole barfing thing I have to deal with, but it's knitting.

The Ogre was giving me crap about the whole knitting thing. He said, "you do realize you aren't just going to have knitting time. Except for maybe on the plane, or at the airport..." I chimed in "or if you fools all fall asleep at the hotel, or if I can't sleep. It takes up no space, and I will go freaking crazy if I don't have something to do." Case closed.

Oooh, for those of you who think I am mean, or honest, or just plain grumpy and had doubts about my ability to work in retail without displaying those traits, a surprise. The Manager at Eddie Bauer said that she and the other managers were wondering if I would like to stay on as an employee after the Holidays. I said "yes, that is totally rocker." Well, something like that.

So, there! They kept telling me I was doing a good job, and that I am really good at matching outfits. I was a bit worried that they had me confused with someone else. I don't think they have seen me in my non-EB outfits. Keep the giggles to a minimum Carter.

Speaking of the Devil...Carter is the big 3-0 today.
If you type in December 7th in google, this is what you get..

December 7th in History
1431: Henry VI of England is crowned King of France
1941: Pearl Harbour attacked without a declaration of war by Japanese aircraft, sinking much of the US fleet
1976: Carter rocks out of the womb.

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Carina said...

Of course you need knitting. Silly Ogre. *shakes head* Socks would be good. Mary has those new dpns out of a stronger wood up by the cash register in the cute tins. I got some zeros to try on the Regia Silk. They seem nice, though. Socks are a great travel knitting project.