Friday, December 29, 2006

For the love of Buddha, bring me peace

Mom, and every other seemingly nice person in the state of Michigan, decided to take the kids to Build-A-Bear this morning. I have come to realize that my own children, even with their quirks, may be the best behaved children this side of Jane Eyre.

I should also get a medal for not flipping out and screaming at the family of idiots who on purpose cut in front of us in the 45 minute long line. Believe me, I started to. It's hard to let myself go full blown crazy lady in front of my mom, my own well behaved children and then a store full (FULL) of innocent bystanders. It was actually my mom being there that held me back. She is just starting to feel better from the whole hepatitis-stranded-in-Florida thing, and I didn't think that Mall security hauling me out of Build-A-Bear further help her recovery.

For the record, I know where that nasty lady lives. It's in Portage, her house number is 819, and I even have the road. Yep, I looked over her fat shoulder while her and her awful children were filling out their bear-certificate info. Why so bitter?

Because it was busy, everyone had to wait, and she is no better than any of the rest of us. She tried to cut in front of like 20 people in line to pay, but the super nice manager lady from the 12 Oaks mall, told her "Your going to have to wait your turn-Next!"


Carina said...

You do have amazingly well-behaved children. Just watch my kids for awhile in a mall. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

stalking and stabbing in the new year?

my resolution is to hark more. just sitting around, harkin'.

Anonymous said...

beth pooped into a sock and squeezed it all over the house shouting "i caught a snake!"

thinking she did have a very flatulant reptile on her hands, i smashed it with a book. poop everywhere.

Holly Bee said...

I love poop snakes!