Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You Might Notice the Teeth

I changed my profile picture. Not a big deal to you, but hey, when the old photo was small, it made me look like I have giant Groucho Marx eyebrows. Groucho was of course my first love. Groucho, Albert, Abe, and Grant. Please leave a comment if you can guess the names of my other first loves. But wow, now my profile photo has my giant teeth!

Why was I smiling so crazy huge? I was in Raleigh with Cart and Beth, in front of an Irish pub, so liquered up that I thought the guy one table over was Sloane from Alias. That's why there's so much teeth. Drunk and delusional. Nice. Nice Buzz.

All I know is Francie doesn't like coffee ice cream. Which is extra funny because in the new teley show Heroes, dude who was Weiss (Gregg Grunberg-very Ogre-esque) goes to the local quickee mart to get his cheatin' ass wife some coffee ice cream and all hell breaks loose. Ah, I love that show.


dee's brother said...

Your other first loves....hum...I will guess the following:

1) Steve Austin

2) Ralph Hinkley

3) Tom Cody

Holly Bee said...


Did you see the clues?
Albert, Abe, Grant...

dee's brother said...

Yes...I saw the clues...but chose to ignore them....as I figured you might...or might not know the ones I listed! HA!

Holly Bee said...


1. Six Million Dollar Man, or the Wrestler.

2. Greatest American Hero, also later a Cinemax film star.

3. No idea.

I would say, for me, personally. I was more of fan of...

1. Bruce Banner, in alter ego form

2. Bill Maxwell-Ralph Hinkly was a tool.

3. General Zod

Anonymous said...

"Please leave a comment if you can guess the names of my other first loves."

Albert Einstein?
Abe Vigoda?
Cary Grant?

Holly Bee said...

Einstein yes. No, no, no! To the rest. Although I do love Cary Grant, I didn't discover his wonderfulness until much later in life.

Anonymous said...

albert brooks
abe vegoda
grant lee buffalo?

of course these are just guesses, but i remember the day when that photo was taken, so i feel like i had to at least take a stab at it.

check out tiny paws, i did my first guest blog.

got shake nuts on stage with portastatic last night. awesome...

talk to you on turkey day,