Thursday, November 23, 2006

You know I hate Birds, turkey or otherwise

Howdy all!

We just went over the Thanksgiving Day Cooking Schedule here at 7:09 am. We are officially 9 minutes behind because of Kat! Harsh.

Well you see, my Mother in Law Jackie, and Eric's Grandpa stayed over last night. We had a multi-generational slumber party. Really, we had pizza, and watched the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Sorry Dee's Brother, no pillow fights this time, it was a family sleepover.

This was done because, well, first it was fun. But also Jackie needed Kat and Jill to drive her to the Grand Rapids airport, and we are sort of kidnapping Grandpa for a couple days. We are behind, because Kat was supposed to be here between 6:30-6:45, but she actually got here at 7.

I say all this like I was totally awake. I heard the screen door squeek open, rolled out of bed and zombied down the stairs. Without my glasses, I am pretty sure we let Jackie go with Kat. It may have been a short Ogre, it's hard to tell.

Anyway, Harry is all torn up about it. But she'll be back with Grandpa New York for the rest of the Holidays.

As for the Thanksgiving Day Cooking Schedule, the Ogre informs me that he will begin by working on the Rutabega, then start the tofu turkey (something about it draining) and then the real turkey will be cooking in the laundry room, in the roaster.

My jobs-read the paper, watch the parade. The Ogre says it starts at 9. Did I mention knitting? I am now working on the edging of the One Skein Wonder.

Wonder? Is anyone still wondering who my first loves were?

Here you go.

Albert Einstein-He's brilliant and cute.
Abe Lincoln (Harry says "it's Abraham. He has 'ham' in his name.) Marty once gave me grief because I said Abe was handsome. I was like 6. I think I actually meant to say "he's really tall, looks like an Ogre and I respect his politics. But like I said, I was 6. We were actually walking into the Bazley's, I was scared for life.
Ulysses S. Grant-I always thought he got a bad rap. And he's dead sexy.


Carina said...

I ended up doing more cooking and work than I'd planned. How is resting going? I'm hiding in my den's comfy chair right now. I could soooo take a nap.

Btw, my pie didn't turn out well. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful Thanksgiving food and fun times!
Oh, and in my own defense...It was 6:51 when we pulled into the driveway. Mama told me to be there at 6:45 but I hate contrast dye and it makes me sick, so we were 6 mins behind schedule hehehe.

dee's brother said...

It was 75 and sunny on Thanksgiving boycotted it. Went to the movies...twice saw Casino Royale & Santa Clause 3. Then we went to a really fancy resturant...which at the time...we didn't know was really fancy until we got inside....I'll bet they all loved my jean shorts and mud wrestling coach tee shirt! :)

Anonymous said...

Cheeseberry nose!


Holly Bee said...

I totally love the restaurant instead of bird celebration! I would looooove to do something like that.

75 and lovely? So you decided to go inside a movie theatre? Brilliant.

We will be in lovely Orlando on Dec 9th!

dee's brother said...

Orlando is only 45 mins. from our house. Feel free to crash and drink our beer. (We have no fridge fee!)

Yeah...I know....inside when it was 75 out. But to people down here that is cold....I saw people wearing jackets!! It is 85 today...much better! :)

Holly Bee said...

We are going to be at the mercy of Disney. We handed over our cash and our souls. But if you and the fam wander over to Disney way, we'll be the Northerners wearing shorts and scoffing at the jacket wearers!

When we were at Sea World 3 years ago, it was so cold they were selling hot cocoa and gloves, and covering up the plants in case of frost. Really thins out the crowds. Nice. I think we had 1 jacket between 4 of us, and Cyrus was wearing that jacket as pants.