Monday, November 13, 2006

You could call me lazy, but then you'd feel bad...

Hi All 5 of You,

I haven't written because things have been a bit rough around here.

Eric's Grandma Winter died this morning. She was an awesome lady, helped out the hearing impaired, baked the best darn pies, and could knit so fast a person could get motion sickness just watching those needles fly. I know everyone who knew her is going to miss her, and there are going to be a lot less mittens in this world with her gone.

I mean all of that with love, even if it sounds funny to you.


Anonymous said...

Condolences to all the Bishops and Family. Gramma Winter was a sweet lady and I'm glad we got to see her at the Grange Pancake Tent during Fair Week in Marshall and at birthday parties for the kids. She always had a kind word and a smile for us when we visited with her.

Holly Bee said...

Thanks man. We told the boys tonight. Poor Harry started crying. He thought we were having a family talk to talk about Mickey Mouse's house, so it was sort of a big shock to him.

Cy is all, yep, I get it. She can't go to her work called the Grange anymore.

Owen doesn't know what's going on in general.

dee's brother said...

Huge bummer man! My grandmother passed away several years ago. She was an incredible baker and she made the best quilts. We are going to loose a lot of those types of items when that generation is finally gone.

Carina said...

We are all going to miss her. She was a loving, giving woman, and her life touched so many.

That has to be hard on all of you. Poor Harry. Losing the first grandparent is so amazingly hard. It'll sink in with Cy and Owen later.

Call me if you need anything. I have minions to do my bidding. Be gentle with yourself and with Eric. Hard days ahead.