Monday, November 06, 2006

Went to Yarn Heaven, ok Threadbear Fiber Arts

Poor Carina! I drove her to Threadbear in Lansing yesterday, and it about did her in. First from yarn love overload, and then from plain overload.

I had such a nice time in there. Some much yarn, so many projects! I really liked how they had samples knitted up and then actually thought to include all the project info on the sample. Really, with yarn, yarn amount, and pattern all in one handy user friendly place. Oh, and they had prices on all their yarn. Don't those both seem like good ideas? I know a certain place in Portage, off of Westnedge that doesn't bother to do that. They go with the "I am smarter than you because I work in a yarn store" approach. Which is really just not helpful.

Speaking of the helpful vs. not helpful. It's so awful to have a great time in a shop, be it Threadbear in Lansing or the new Sawall's in Kalamazoo, and then have it all but ruined by the cashier. Both places are super fun, and the people on the sales floor are helpful and cool. So why do they have to put the least friendly, and borderline rude people as the last impression a customer gets of a store? Just wondering.

Carina and I had lovely dinner/lunch at P.F. Chang's. I'd never been, but I will return!!! I think I am still full from last night. Anyway, our waiter looked like Carter, so it was sort of distracting.
I miss Cart and Beth!

Oh, at the yarn shop I got yarn to make "another Bronco first down" color knit caps for the boys.


Anonymous said...

I really needed to go. I'm still smiling. Yeah, I'm also still recovering, but I really needed that trip. You are an angel for taking me.

Question: should I bust my butt and finish up my shawl today, working on nothing else, or should I take a break and knit up a gauge swatch on the needles I have for the fair isle monster to see if I need to get new needles or not? I can't decide.


Btw, isn't P.F. Chang's super awesome? Now you know why we drool just thinking about that place. Long live lettuce wraps!

Holly Bee said...

Ok, you know what kind of knitter I am, so I bet you can guess my answer...

Finish the shawl! Then it will be done :)

I finished my sideways top. I am going to give it to Meemaw's church for the guidepost thing. I never want to see it again.

Tomorrow is my mom's liver biopsy!!! I am still coming over, and I will help with lunch, but then I will need to check on her :(

Oh, and is David taking you to vote, or do you want me to?

Anonymous said...

.....mmmmmm PF Chang's