Thursday, November 30, 2006

The tree is up, scarf's a knitting

We told the boys we were going to put the tree o' Saturnalia to help us celebrate the Winter Solistice the day after Thanksgiving. We got a wee bit sidetracked, what with turkey hangover, and finally got to it last night.

It's lovely. But Cy was up this morning at 7 asking why Santa didn't leave any presents. I was hard pressed not to tell him he had been naughty.

As for the charity scarf...I took the advice of a 2 year old and bought enough for 2 half scarfs in 2 different colors. So, yep, I need more more stinking yarn. But a 12 stitch garter stitch scarf on size 12 needles is progressing nicely. I may actually have 2 done by tomorrow.


dee's brother said...

I lieu of the approaching winter storm…I have created the following checklist for me:

1) Check weather forecast for December 1st - Forecast 83 for a high

2) Check supplies at home - Pantry has plenty of ingredients for making ice tea

3) Check Vehicles - Checkout both last night…air conditioning is working fine.

4) Check on friends and relatives - Contacted all that will be buried deep in snow in about 12 hours!

5) Check on humor - Yep…laugh everything I read the weather report for the mid-west for the next 12 hours!

Holly Bee said...

Ha! You are cracking me up. Here's what I did...

1. Check weather forecast for here and then Florida.

2. Check supplies at home. Pantry has plenty of rum and mac and cheese.

3. Check vehicles. Yep, skunk bits still on tires.

4. Check on friends and relatives-Make sure they have plenty of rum.

5. Plan pirate take over of neighbors rum.

Awesome. Look how similar our checklists are!

dee's brother said...

Damn...I forgot the rum!

Carina said...

Tell the kids it's really for New Year's instead of the Solstice. Then you have more time for shopping and can get stuff on sale after Christmas. I've been toying with making the kids think we're now using the old calendar and Christmas is Jan. 7th. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hah, it's not even snowing yet, and it's already 7 in the morning. All we have is a little rain. Sure, it's freezing as soon as it touches anything, and yes it's a bit chunky at times, but its still just rain-ish.


Holly Bee said...

That darn Ogre is always so upbeat and cheerful about things.