Tuesday, November 21, 2006

That's why I want an ipod...

Ok, so kid/dude gets lost in the woods, calls rescue people on his cell phone to describe his surroundings and then later gets spotted by the light coming from his ipod. Check out the whole ipod Glow saves Mushroom Picker story .

Now, can't you argue that the ipod is not only for entertainment but is an important part of wilderness survival? I think this is an excellent selling point. Don't leave home without it, We'll leave a light on for you, really apple could steal any cheesey marketing campaign and use it to sell the magical ipod. Too bad I only have an ipod shuffle. It really doesn't give off a life saving glow. I don't think that's gonna help. I need the nano.

OR...was this a set up? Cell phone, ipod on a mushroom hunting expedition? Are ipod sales down, and this is some sort of new reality marketing?

OR...is this a modern day Hansel and Gretel? If so, where the hell is Gretel???

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