Saturday, November 04, 2006

That's a Bronco first down!

I love the announcer guy for the Western Michigan Broncos Football. He is only excited when he gets to say "that's another BRONCO first down."

But today, I am staying home with the littlest pig (Mr. Dragonmuffin) and letting my Father in Law go in my place. Wow, am I super nice or what?
Grandma Winter is still in the hospital so it will be a nice way for Eric, his Dad, and the bigger pigs have some boy-football-nonhospital-visiting time. See, still super nice.
Besides, I wore my really big winter boots to the last football game and stepped on this one lady, and then the Ogre fell on her, so I am worried she'll be there and be mad! I think two Ogres, and two pigs can take on one little lady.
Dragonmuffin and I will be heading up to the hospital to try and help the family that's up visiting Grandma get some happiness in their day. I am no ray of sunshine, but Owen is pretty cute, and gives great kisses, so it's all on him.
Also, as far as football games go, it's hard to knit at outdoor stadiums in Michigan. Sure, Pitch and Stitch is fine, but Tackle and Purl just hasn't taken off here in the northern states.


Anonymous said...

*snort* Tackle and Purl.

Blitz and Stitch?
Pass and Psso?

Soccer could be Kick and Stitch. That wouldn't be so cold.

Are we still on for tomorrow? It's not been the best day, but dang it, I need Threadbear. Can I call you in the am?

Holly Bee said...

Call me in the am lady!!!

I need to get the rock out of here. We are so going to Threadbear :)

Want anything special in the gas guzzler? Snacks? Pillow?

I like Blitz and Stitch best. It goes with the tailgating too!! Should we start a Blitz and Stitch Blog? Heeheehee

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Sorry about the whole "Open sesame" thing today but it was just so darn funny! I hope it's not Dragonmuffin's new thing though. :p
Love you lots!

Anonymous said...


Pink-Eyed Buttery-Coat Girl