Thursday, November 02, 2006

Take that Green Cardigan!!!

I finished that Green top down Cardigan!! You know the one that I knitted like 10 months ago but never put the buttons on?

Here you see the model version. Look at those buttons. Note Green sweater has no buttons, but alas, a zipper. Also, that's my Mona Lisa smile, aren't you wondering, "what is she thinking?" A good guess would include, "take the picture, take the picture." Or "the baby is nakee, and holding a dirty diaper, nice." You choose.

But if you would like to see other fine examples of easy to work up top down patterns, check out Knitting Pure and Simple.

In my lovely daydreams of being a famous knitwear designer, I dream in top down designs. I have kind of decided that kid sweaters in the round are going to be my known for thing.

Why kid sweaters? Because they are small, they'll be done soon, and if they don't fit they knitter can say "wow that design was so good and nice, it's too bad that darn kid grew faster than I could knit." It's really the Perfect Plan.


Anonymous said...

niiiiiice sweater. :)

Locoshoat said...

Zipper looks great, ya finished a project, now ya can wear it! It's COLD out there today!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! It looks so nice and comfy. Yay for a finished sweater--for you, no less!!!

Holly Bee said...

It's nice to actually finish something. I was knitting like a crazed person trying to finish that Jo Sharp sideways sweater...It may have to be given to a short armed orphan, I am running out of yarn.