Friday, November 10, 2006

Sweet, Sweet, Silky Wool

That's right, my Mom is mad at me for being, well, me. Which I think translates into either me being grumpy, honest, or bitchy. You pick the dwarf that you need to answer that question.

Even with the anger issues, I finished her prayer shawl. That's right, I said prayer shawl. It's hard not to revolt against organized christian religion when your maiden name is Church. So bowing down to the idea of a prayer shawl just hurts my long gone teen angst.

So, no more prayer shawls, no more hospitals, and no more of my loved ones getting sick. I'm warning you! Take your vitamins, exercise, and get plenty of sleep. No, wait, that's the recipe for a supermodel.

Now that the prayer shawl is done, it's time to move on to the Silky Wool. That's right, the lovely brown silky wool that I got for 50% off while at a one day out of business yarn shop. Yes, it was like a weird fiber dream come true. The 1/2 off, not the out of business part. I am also going to whip out the new Knit Picks needle set that I got for my birthday. Those poor needles have been sitting in their box since they arrived on October 30th due to excessive project guilt. But now that I have rocked out two completed projects (the shawl and the sideways Jo Sharp top) I think I it's time to start in on the good stuff. Watch out silky wool, you will soon be Wonky Sweater.


Anonymous said...

You're going to love it. It's really nice to knit with. It doesn't make a very tight fabric, but it's drape is awesome, and it is sooooo soft.

That reminds me, I need to finish that sweater for my niece. Should I do the teddy bear ears or skip them? I'm leaning toward skipping them.

Holly Bee said...

I the cheerleader, save the world. No, I mean, skip the ears, finish the sweater.

carter said...

shawl ready for this

yes yes shawl, and you don't stop

shawl come back now, ya hear

why do you think they call it a burrow shawl in the first place?

Holly Bee said...

Now I have that 80's techno shawl ready for this, knit to the funky beat song in my noggin.