Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Spiral Scarf

Ok, I finished the scarf with the yarn from Nautical Yarn. Yes, this is the yarn from my birthday. For the record, I think I have changed my tune about scarf knitting. You just need a fun pattern. Oh, that's right, after ripping out my first two scarf attempts I finally tried the spiral scarf pattern.

It's all over the internet, but check out this version that was in the Washington Post, it also has a cute story written by a customer who got the pattern from Knit and Stitch=Bliss in Maryland. Wow, look at all that citing of info. I should get an internet award for NOT plagiarizing. If you link to the Washington Post story, scroll down, the pattern is at the end.

Anyway, I will take a picture sooooon. It's super cute. It's actually really super cute, and I think I may actually like knitting scarves. So, hurrah for the spiral scarf. Although it does remind me a bit of a pig's intestine.

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