Friday, November 10, 2006

Say Harry Cow and Pull My Finger

Really. The whole story is the title. I said "holy cow" and Harrison replied "say Harry cow and pull my finger."

What is that?

Anyway, Harry had a code red drill at school today. He said he wasn't scared, but a code red is a person with a gun drill. We had tornado, fire, and bomb threat drills. I guess this is just the next step.

Actually our whole day has been drillrific. This morning started off with the Ogre forgetting to de-activate (wonder twin power, de-activate) the alarm before letting Bubba/Berger out. That was loud.

Speaking of frightening the's raining and thundering here. Berger is laying at my feet in the living room on the cushion to the Ogre's chair. I am so never using his chair again. eeeohhh, dog germs.


dee's brother said...

I love the wonder twins!! However, if it were me...I would of had them "morphing" into other things besides a bucket and water!

Holly Bee said...

Yeah, it always thought they went through a lot of effort for what they got.

But they did have sweet outfits.

dees brother said...

Jayna and Zan took over as the morons of the show after Marvin, Wendy, and their god damn dog in a cape left. Their powers weren't very good, he turned into water, she turned into animals, and their monkey had a bucket, but fighting wasn't what they were there for. They were the "comic relief."

You might have noticed that cartoons had a different idea what was comic relief than other media. Cartoon comic relief people aren't like the fat guy in the spring break movie that'll eat anything, get stuck in doorways, and win the water skiing competition with a perfectly timed fart. Comic relief in cartoons didn't make you laugh. They were just a couple people that we hated more than anyone else. After you watch the Wonder Twins wander into lava, make shitty puns, and lose a fight to a parked bicycle, you'll actually start cheering for Aquaman. That had to be why they were there, even the Super Friends wouldn't send two unarmed "special needs" kids and their blue monkey into a fight.

They had their own version of the Trouble Alert - The Teen Trouble Alert. It was a wrist watch that beeped when local teens were in danger. Whenever the thing went off, all they did was get in the way of natural selection. The Teen Trouble Alert didn't go off for natural disasters and super villains. It went off when some kids decided to have band practice in a grizzly bear cave or play blind-folded snake hunting.

I stole this...but it was hilarious.....