Thursday, November 09, 2006

Really, no visible tattoos? go figure...

I was at my employee training last night for Eddie Bauer. I was really lamenting the fact that I have neither a nose ring nor a visible tattoo. That would have been the end of my high paying retail job!

It has been suggested that I will only last a week in the shopping mecca holiday crowd known as "the mall." Haha naysayers! I have been employed there for almost a month! I've only done training, and didn't deal with the masses, but that's something.

I think I can handle it. I worked at Record Town in the 90's, no it's wasn't record town, it was RE-cord Town, we no longer carried the wax. But Beth and I did encounter an armed robber. I am not saying an armed robbery, just an armed robber. He stole something from somewhere else, hid out in Record Town and ditched his weapon in our store. Even in his agitated state, Beth managed to sell him a Metallica cd. Now that's hardcore retail. I bet she even managed to ask if he needed any blank tapes with that.

As for me, my specialty was breaking up fights. Because a 5'4" blonde is so Roadhouse with a clipboard. Wait, Patrick Swayze, he's a 5'4".
Man, that just make me want to watch the best movie ever made. No, not Roadhouse, Point Break fool!


dee's brother said... sister's retail experience totally is waaaaay better than yours! My sister worked at SO-FRO for like 87 years back in the late 80's or was it early 90's? Oh well...who cares...point being...she knew about knit and crap waaaaaay before you did!

Holly Bee said...

Ah, ha my friend! I have been crocheting since I was 5! I always wanted a job at Sew-Fro, but my math skills were too poor! Math for daily living my heinie!

So, we are at the very least, even.