Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Popcorn for Breakfast? Bamboo for Yarn?

In honor of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, we are having popcorn for breakfast. If you recall, Snoopy and Woodstock are also excellent at making toast, so we may follow suit on that too.

Next we plan to fly with the Red Baron atop our doghouse.

On to yarn! That Bamboo by South West Trading Company is so awesome. It's silky, and soft to work with. I want more! I also to get some of the aMAIZing yarn. Yep. Talking about the corn yarn again! How cool is that?

I made a tshirt sweater out of hemp. It's awesome. I ordered the yarn from Hemp for Knitting, out of Canada. I made the Stripes Go Round pattern that was in Interweave Summer '04, but with no stripes. That cracks me up. I made a sweater called Stripes Go Round in one color. But the pattern is in the round, has a fake side seam, and nice rolled edges. Super easy. I think it turned out really nice too. I am just going to have a skip Holiday Cleaning, take photos of finished knit projects day. That's right, Eric's cookin'. You know Ogres love to cook.


Carina said...

I like it. Hey, do the boys have school today? Anna has a half day, and David's growly about it.

Oh, and I think that's the normal charge for ear wax removal, and then the insurance company argues it down to thirty bucks or so. Did she try the hydrogen peroxide squirted in first? They usually don't like using the blue stick thingy.

I can't wait to see how that bamboo yarn has knitted up. Yay, yarn!

Holly Bee said...

Hi! My pigs have regular school today. Why is David growly? Just more people under foot?

Wax removal, she went straight for the tool.

Bamboo is awesome! I love that stuff. It's soo silky, and pretty. I am using an 8 and getting like 5.5-6 stitches per inch. Which is evil because my gauge is supposed to be 4, but it's just the way I want it fabricwise. Sooooo, super simple One Skein Wonder will have Holly Math involved so it probably will be donated away.