Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Medical Mystery A41 solved...

If you check out www.riverwalkyarns.blogspot.com you will find out all about Carina's call from her Dr. Or, you can read it here...quick version...IT'S BENIGN!

Sorry for the shouting, but it's such a relief. No more surgery, no more follow-up, no more treatments, no more scary stuff. Yay!!!! It's benign!The specialist told my pathologist who told my surgeon who told me (it's like a bad game of "telephone") that it was a rare form of benign oncocytoma that's invasive and could have spread further than the fatty tissue next to the kidney. It was pushing against my liver, but it didn't get into that or the adrenal gland that it was next to as well. The surgeon, the amazing Dr. Lucas of HealthCare Midwest Urology, got very clear margins, so we're done!!!What a huge relief! As soon as the yarn gets in, Dr. Lucas is getting some Regia Silk socks. I'm thinking of doing a cable, even. :-)I'm still hurting, and I won't make it through all of my class tonight, I'm pretty sure, but it's benign!!

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