Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Me Vs Gravity, plus Closure, well a Zipper

Yesterday my Mom told me to just sit down, relax, and start a new knitting project.

I told her I had started so many that I had a weird aversion to actually sitting in my comfy chair. It may be because there is such a pile of started projects and no hope of finishing anything. So, I decided to start something that I could finish. I rearranged furniture.

I moved the queen size mattress, box spring, and frame from the basement to our unused upstairs bedroom. That's 2 flights of stairs friends. I got so worn out that me and the little boys had to rest, on the mattress, in the kitchen. But darn it, I fought gravity, and this time I won. That bed is upstairs and ready for sleeping. That is if you don't mind the crazy pile of toys in the one corner.

With that done, I had an odd urge to actually finish rather than start a knitting project. It's really just because my Mom got me the Options interchangable needle kit from Knit Picks
for my birthday. Now that I have those I want to give up on everything else and start a top down raglan sweater with all that lovely silky wool I have...but really, start something new?

Anyway. I tore out the button band on my green top down cardigan and started sewing in a zipper. I have to say that Jo Sharp Silk Road yarn is sturdy stuff. I beat the crap out of it looking for a woven in end to un weave and not only could I not find an end, but the yarn was grinning back at me like-is that it? Is that all you got? I took the scissors to the button band, it's off now and no longer smiling.

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Anonymous said...

Great. Now you've got me wanting to knit something in that yarn. ;-)

I still can't believe you moved all that and got everything ready like that. You are Wonder Woman!